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 A girl transforming into Vanitas w/ vid + junks

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PostSubject: A girl transforming into Vanitas w/ vid + junks   2010-09-25, 03:16

A reason to hate Paint colours and an uncooked raw fishy fishy mouse.
A reason to get a tablet.
A reason to love and hate PaintTool SAI.

It was supposed to be Kagamine Len, but now I've no idea what the hell this is supposed to be.

I can't draw Sora but I can draw Vanitas. I can't draw Ventus but I can draw Roxas.
Weird, isn't it. >.>

Anyway, I was bored so I started doing stuff and blah blah recorded it blah blah.
I haven't finished it yet. I tend to drop things quickly when I'm not using a pen to draw and this was obviously done with the MOUSEEE. Tabletplz.
I really like recording myself phailing :D
Will upload the picture later.

Pic arrived.

fail munching.



Most amazing quote from Axel to Roxas:
"You're coming with me - conscious or not."
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PostSubject: Re: A girl transforming into Vanitas w/ vid + junks   2010-09-25, 05:54

but the Len pic was awesome T_T



{Boredom Makes People Do Weird Things.}

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A girl transforming into Vanitas w/ vid + junks
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