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 Story Ideas #2

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PostSubject: Story Ideas #2   2010-09-21, 07:07

The story will start simply with the main character (temporarily named Amber just cuz i suck at naming) walking down the road in a small town belonging to the Gimacian Kingdom. She's 15 btw. Amber is on a mission given to her by the Queen of Gimacia who has the ability to see the future. The Queen had seen that the demons were gathering together to take over the humans once and for all. She had tried to negotiate with the Cesinecian Kingdom to form a temporary alliance, but their hatred of Gimacia and their own belief that their machinery is invincible stopped the alliance from forming. There was only one other way to save the humans, and that was to gather the 7 magicians that would save the world. (orz the childishness is killing me. its not supposed to be this childish...) So Amber has a time limit of 3 years to find the 7 magicians. The catch is that Amber has a seal that prevents her demonic side from escaping, the side effects of the seal is that she'll look 10 forever. However, the seal isnt unbreakable. During the night of the full moon, the demon within her gets stronger and it would take over. Normally the Queen would be able to restrict the powers of the demon, however, since Amber was the only one that the Queen could send, Amber is taught a summoning spell which allows her to summon the chains that bound Loki (Norse Mythological god)/Prometheus (Greek Titan) to a stone. Using the chains, she can restrict her own powers, however, if she falls asleep, the chains would also disappear and the demon would take over.

So anyways, the story begins a month after Amber has set out, all of the above facts would be explained during her first night at an inn in the town mentioned before. In the same town she meets one of the 7 magicians. Just to make it clear, the 7 magicians are the 7 people who have the talent to become powerful magicians. They arent like 7 old men who was once like the heroes of the world or anything. Reason for that is because if it was like that there'd be no bishies.
oh forgot to add that Amber was given 7 stones that react to the 7 people with talent o_o so basically each magician would have a corresponding stone. The stones can boost your magical powers, so they are sought after by the demons. Amber's job is not just as the gatherer, she's also in charge of protecting the stones and the magicians.

The story goes on but after every lunar month, Amber begins to realise that the seal is weakening. She finds out that she is starting to grow again and that her hair colour and eye colour is slowly changing month after month. She realises that the 3 year time limit wasnt just because the demons would be ready by then, it was also because her seal would completely wear off after that much time.

so yeah. thats the basic gist of it o_o I've got more planned but o_o;;



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Story Ideas #2
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